DaVinci Laser Teeth Whitening 
Quickly and safely remove years of staining from your teeth.
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About DaVinci Teeth Whitening
DaVinci teeth whitening is done in 3 easy steps. First the whitening gel is applied to the upper and lower teeth. Next the light activates the gel to speed the whitening process, then 20 minutes under the light and you are on your way to whiter teeth. For ultimate whitening results we repeat the process 2 more times. 3 same day 20 min treatmemts and your teeth will whiten 4-10 shades whiter in 60 min.
Done in the privacy of a beautiful salon and spa, Main Attraction in Bountiful, Utah. Unlike other whitening locations done in the mall or trade shows. We have our own private whitening room so you will be able to relax and enjoy your experiance. 
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